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Scott Taylor

taylor sport coat casual sitCouncilman Scott Taylor has been shaped by the events in his life. He learned from his parents the value of hard work and getting results.   Scott’s dad died when he was very young and he watched his mother work hard to balance raising three young children on her own and three jobs to make ends meet. As the oldest, he learned responsibility quickly as he helped care for his baby sisters and the value of commitment to family at a young age.  He also learned that he’d need to work twice as hard as the next person and make results happen in everything he set out to do.

Education has always been a priority for Scott.  Scott graduated from KU and went on to simultaneously get a law degree from UMKC and MBA from Rockhurst.  As an advocate for education, Councilman Taylor served on the Center School District Board of Education for 4 years during the resurgence of the school district where he championed increased teacher pay.

It was at law school where he met his wife, Cathy Jolly.  Scott and Cathy shared a passion for public service and the belief that their law degrees would be best used to help others.  Cathy previously served as State Representative and later a KC City Council Member.  As parents, they have also instilled this passion for helping others in their son, Drake.

Scott has utilized his private sector experience and knowledge as an attorney and leader in business towards helping cut the red tape for small businesses and providing resources such as the nationally recognized KC Small Business Microloan Program which he initiated.  He also led efforts to create opportunity for thousands of new jobs throughout Kansas City.

Scott Taylor and family
Committed to KC Families

Councilman Taylor is very proud of his family including his wife, Cathy Jolly - a former State Representative and City Councilwoman - and their 14-year-old son, Drake. The Taylor family has lived in their South Kansas City home for twenty years.


Councilman Taylor prefers to focus on your story.  Serving you and getting results for you in every decision as Mayor. 

Councilman Taylor will be more of a workhorse than a show horse. Rolling up his sleeves and getting down to business is how he has been successful in getting results for Kansas City, and it is necessary to keep the momentum Kansas City moving forward for all!

Experience Counts: Scott Delivers Results

The following highlights some of the results that Councilman Taylor delivered for KC.

  • Founded the nationally recognized KCMO Small Business Committee - Created one of the first nationally recognized City Council Committees in the United States to assist mom and pop small businesses.
    Leading the Committee, Councilman Taylor held hearings throughout KC to learn and share ideas with over 100 businesses. In conjunction with City Staff and community partners, Scott led the development and implementation of a “to do” list of 67 changes or initiatives to help cut the red tape for our local small businesses. President Obama invited Councilman Taylor to the White House in part for his small business outreach work.
  • Strengthened domestic violence laws – Served as the lead sponsor of the ordinance that increased and expedited judicial action for violations of orders of protection and doubled the fines for domestic violence violations. This protects victims of domestic violence from further abuse while awaiting trial.
  • Chaired Planning, Zoning, & Economic Development Committee – Led fair and balanced hearings for all ordinances. As Chair, the City has reduced the number of new TIFs and supported incentive reform. Under Scott’s leadership the committee’s focus has been on revitalizing local neighborhood shopping centers such as the Red Bridge Shopping Center, State Line Shopping Center, new restaurants at Ward Parkway Shopping Center, Metro North Crossing, Antioch Center, and the Linwood Shopping Center.
  • Established the nationally recognized small business microloan program - Established a microloan fund to make loans available to new, “start-up” small businesses. To date, $3.5 million in loans to Kansas City businesses have been made. This has enabled the increase of new small businesses in KC.
  • Facilitated South KC job growth – Assisted in the development of 6,000 new employees/jobs in in South Kansas City. Assisted in securing the Cerner development that will create more than 16,000 new jobs in South Kansas City.
  • Led Hy-Vee (Kemper) Arena revitalization into youth sports facility - Led the selection process and several ordinances to convert Kemper Arena to Hy-Vee Arena: a youth sports facility with a second floor of hardwood courts for basketball and volleyball leagues. This will generate activity in the historic West Bottoms and save KCMO taxpayers $10 million over the next ten years and save on the cost of demolition which would have cost up to $12 million.
  • Increased the age for sale of cigarettes from 18 to 21 – Lead sponsor of the ordinance that increased the legal age to purchase cigarettes. A higher minimum age to purchase cigarettes is proven to reduce smoking. Kansas City led this effort and now 25 area municipalities have followed as have other cities and states.
  • $800 million infrastructure investment - Supported the most significant investment in infrastructure in City’s history to ensure the delivery of services is efficient from a taxpayer standpoint.
  • Co-Chaired City Energy Committee – Appointed by Mayor James as Co-Chair of the City Energy Project Advisory Committee.
    Kansas City was one of ten cities chosen for a nationwide project to increase energy efficiency. With Scott’s leadership, the Committee’s goal was to reduce energy spending to help the economy, environment, and community. For the average Kansas City citizen - such as one on a fixed income or a single mom with two children - reducing high utility costs through energy efficiency can mean an additional $30 to $40 per month for a family.
  • Sponsored the anti-bullying ordinance – Sponsored the citywide ordinance to combat bullying. The ordinance assists in the battle against bullying so that minors and their parents are accountable outside of school property for their actions.
  • Arts Advocate - Sponsored the first Artist Microloan Program for emerging artists. Led securing funding and establishing the KC film office resulting in increased film production in KC. Advocate for the funding for the UMKC Downtown Arts Conservatory.
  • Blight removal of illegal signs – Sponsored the ordinance that increased penalties for blighted signs and Instituted City-Wide “Sign Sweeps” to eliminate blight, and litter. Scott created the strong ordinance with penalties, to discourage “get rich quick” and “we buy junk houses” signs in neighborhoods. Under Scott’s direction, City staff confiscated approximately 10,000 signs out of neighborhoods and
  • Advocated for Veterans’ benefits - Led City Staff to give hiring preferences to vets across all Kansas City departments. Sponsored a microloan fund to make loans available for veterans to start businesses. Taylor was a strong advocate for the Veteran’s Tiny homes project at 89th and Troost for homeless Veterans which is being duplicated in other cities. He also supported St. Michael’s housing for homeless Veterans which provides social services and support.
  • Backed billboard standards – Sponsored the ordinance to clean up and take down billboards that blight neighborhoods.
  • Supported flood control plan – Sponsored Flood Control initiative for areas prone to flooding in the City including Indian Creek.
  • Sponsored renewable energy resolution - Sponsored Renewable Energy Now resolution to expedite KCMO to 100% renewable energy.
  • Organize annual breast cancer research benefit - My wife, Cathy Jolly, and I organize the annual fundraiser for breast cancer research. We have raised over $600,000 over the last decade. The event is in its 11th year. All Council members and Mayors have been hosts for the event each year.
  • Coordinated regional all-star cleanup – Led the City Manager and other City Council members in Missouri and Kansas to initiate neighborhood clean ups around All-Star Game. This included sign sweeps, pothole repairs, and tire dump cleanups in KC.

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